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Wordle’s Most Difficult Answer From May Is Surprising–If You’re American

Another month of 2022 has passed us by, and Wordle–as popular as ever–continues to stump millions of people around the world on a daily basis. Yet during May, the word that was head and shoulders above the rest for shares of the dreaded “Wordle X/6” on Twitter seems surprisingly easy. That is, at least, if you’re American. Or, potentially, Torontonian.

Once again, the brainiacs at the Twitter Comms team have pulled together the five Wordle puzzles that caught out the most people, as per the number of times losses were shared with the platform’s followers.

Most “Wordle X/6” failures shared on Twitter (May 2022)

5) Wordle 335 (May 20): GAMER

As one of the least fitting failure words for both this section of Forbes and the nature of Wordle itself, GAMER was the fifth most difficult answer of May according to Twitter users. While it seems like a straightforward word, chances are it’s not the most obvious choice for an older or more casual crowd, who may well have opted for GAMED, GAMES, GAMEY, TAMER, NAMER or LAMER first.

4) Wordle 339 (May 24): ALBUM

Any word that starts with a vowel is usually bad news for a lot of Wordle players, but ALBUM is a bit of a perfect storm of problems. Between its lesser-used consonants, the lack of words that share its structure, and zero anagrams using the same five letters, it’s a word that needs a braver stab in the dark.

3) Wordle 334 (May 19): GLASS

One vowel and a double letter: the worst nightmare for countless Wordle players, myself included. GLASS is as simple and well-known as five-letter words go, but once you guess a word that ends in S, you immediately find yourself down the rabbit hole.

2) Wordle 319 (May 4): TRAIN

TRAIN is your classic Wordle answer: so simple, yet so many options available in the closing stages, especially if you go with GRAIN before falling foul of BRAIN DRAIN. Roll it back to three correct letters and, off the top of my head, you could guess CHAIN, PLAIN, SLAIN, STAIN, TWAIN, GROIN, DRAWN, PRAWN, and BRAWN. An understandably second place.

1) Wordle 320 (May 5): HOMER

It’s ironic that the common phrase for a home run was the word that stopped people from daily success in Wordle, but in principle, HOMER is an odd one to top the list: there are no double letters, it has more than one vowel, and there aren’t really any alternative words within a single-letter difference.

However, there may be a more globally minded explanation: speaking from a British perspective, baseball terminology isn’t something that really springs to mind, but the given name (e.g. Homer Simpson) does–and I’d be willing to bet that plenty of people outside of North America would’ve discounted HOMER as an option due to it being a name.

Fewest “Wordle X/6” failures shared on Twitter (March 2022)

  1. TIPSY (Wordle 328, May 13)
  2. TIARA (Wordle 342, May 27)
  3. ASSET (Wordle 341, May 26)
  4. BEING (Wordle 332, May 17)
  5. SCRAP (Wordle 336, May 21)

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