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Woman Slammed for Giving Away Expensive Gift: ‘User’

A woman is being bashed online after her partner gifted her a MacBook Air laptop computer, and she gave it away to her sister just days later.

The now-viral Reddit post, titled, “AITA for asking for the laptop I gifted my girlfriend after she gave it to her sister,” has been upvoted 9,300 times since it was shared on June 2. Redditor @laptopthrowaay shared the post to the subreddit “Am I The A**hole,” and it has garnered a lot of attention ever since.

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The original poster (OP) revealed their girlfriend has been discussing getting a laptop for a while. Her partner offered up their own as they don’t use it, but she replied it was “old and slow.”

“So for her birthday I got her a new one,” the OP said. “She used it for literally two days, and then gave it to her sister. When I inquired about the reason, she said she didn’t like it and that her sister is going to need it more than her because she’s starting college this fall.”

The Redditor told their partner that if she wanted to give her sibling a laptop she should’ve been the person to buy it. They also mentioned, “you can’t just give away a model that you did a lot of research about because you didn’t like it after trying it for two days.”

The woman’s partner also mentioned that they could have traded the laptop in for a different model or even sold it and bought a new one. They also explained they have been doing without for eight months so they could purchase the laptop for her.

The OP asked for the laptop back, but it wouldn’t be that easy. “She told me that she can’t do that because in the U.S. it’s rude to ask for gifts back, and since the laptop was a gift, I can’t ask her for it back, and [the] same goes for her with her sister after she gifted it,” the Redditor relayed.

The woman’s partner thought it was ruder to “pretend for months to want something” so you can give it to another shortly after receiving it unless there was a legitimate reason.

In a comment to another Redditor, the OP revealed the MacBook Air cost them $1,249, and their girlfriend never actually asked the OP to buy it for her. However, she constantly spoke about wanting that particular one and how she could not “afford it with her student loan.”

“I play soccer every week, and I usually spend $35 for the pitch rental and hanging out with friends after the matches,” the OP added. “I stopped going so I could save the money to get her the laptop.”

Woman using computer
A woman is being dragged for giving away an expensive gift. Here, a woman standing in a hallway using a laptop.

Over 1,000 comments poured in over the viral situation, and people were fully backing the OP and slamming their girlfriend for her actions. A Redditor thought the OP’s girlfriend was “rude AF to do that,” adding, “NTA. Call her sister and tell her you need it back. I’m American as well, and I don’t play those games.”

Some called for the OP to leave their girlfriend over the situation, and one such Redditor told the OP, “Dump her sorry a**,” adding, “Although asking for a gift back can be rude, what she did to you is much worse than rude. It absolutely shows her lack of respect for you. You spent your hard-earned money on someone who does not deserve your affection or time.”

Some thought the woman planned to give the laptop to her sister the entire time. A user added that “technically” when you give a gift, it’s that person’s property, and you can’t “take it back.”

“However, I do believe you’ve been conned,” they added. “Your girlfriend probably knew you’d buy it for her, and she was going to give it to her sister all along because what person rebuttals with laws immediately? Lmao, sorry dude, she sucks. Dump her.”

Another Redditor didn’t mince words, calling the action on the woman’s part “really f**ked up.” They also thought the OP’s girlfriend “sucks,” and they didn’t stop there.

“Hey, thanks for the gift, I gave it to someone else,” they said. “She literally has you out on you’re a** to pay for her sister’s laptop. And that’s f**ked up. Get the laptop back and break up with the user.”

Another user thought the woman was “manipulative,” and they didn’t think the OP will be getting the laptop back. “You’re gonna have to hash out this type of behavior with her, if she doesn’t have some sort of epiphany, either you’ll have to live with having a manipulative girlfriend or dump her,” they said.

Others brought up the fact that once you give a gift, it’s no longer yours. “NTA, while technically she has the right to do whatever she wants with a gift, it is pretty classless from her,” a Redditor reasoned. “Also, I have to assume you were played here, and she always intended to give the laptop to her sister on your dollar.”

Newsweek reached out to Redditor @laptopthrowaay for comment.

This isn’t the only viral moment involving gifts. The internet backed a person for not getting their girlfriend a gift for her birthday. People slammed a husband for buying his children toys for his wife’s birthday gift. In addition, a man’s demand for nicer gifts for his kids backfired.

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