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Watch The Miz Seen In The Woodstock 99 Netflix Documentary, Video Goes Viral

WWE fans are convinced that they have spotted star The Miz during the introductory phase from the first episode of the Netflix documentary Woodstock 99

The 3-part documentary focuses on the controversial Woodstock festival i.e, held in Rome, New York in July, 1995.

The Miz Seen In The Woodstock 99 Netflix Documentary, Video Goes Viral

As the cameras provided us a glimpse of the festival, they showed us overhead shots spanning over the mass crowd. One such particular shot depicts a shirtless young man roaring at a passing cameraman.

The words “Woodstock 99, baby! Yeah!” are clearly recognizable and some shrewd work spotted by the fans has led to the speculations that the man in question is indeed the former 2-time WWE Championship holder, The Miz.

The resemblance between the two could be described as uncanny, but delve deeper and you might just find it inebriated, revealing the figure might be none other than the Miz himself!!

If we go by the Miz aka Michael Mizanin’s Instagram posts, there might be chances that WWE fans have discovered a needle in the haystack and unearthed an Easter egg.

These Eagle-eyed fans consolidated the murmurings by finding a old post on the Miz’s Instagram, with him proclaiming his chosen workout music for the day is an ode to Limp Bizkit, who he saw live at none other than Woodstock 99.

It hardly took the time and detective ability of these Sherlock Holmes kind of fans to recognise that The Miz might have had the camera on him earlier than we thought.

Since his boisterous early days, the WWE superstar had gone on to become a successful and prominent name in wrestling. The 41-year-old star has clearly directed his energy towards a fruitful path as he continues to perform to this present day.

Speaking about the Miz, recently, his fellow Wrestling star Bryan Danielson opens up about his talking Smack segment with The Miz from 2016 while being interviewed by Renee.

According to him, his fellow co-wrestler was frustrated and that though we both don’t like each other, he respected him very much. He said, “Miz was very frustrated. He was Intercontinental Champion and wasn’t being put on TV too much. I was very frustrated that they weren’t clearing me to wrestle despite numerous doctors having cleared me to wrestle and, you know, I understand why, but that’s a long story anyway.”

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