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Musk gives Twitter Blue update, says legacy checkmarks to be removed in ‘a few months’

(NEXSTAR) – Elon Musk tweeted Tuesday that he’s delaying Twitter Blue, the company’s new premium service which comes with blue-check “verification” for $8 a month, until November 29 “to make sure it is rock solid.” Verified Twitter users who assumed their blue checkmarks wouldn’t be going anywhere will have to pay for them like everyone … Read more

How Musk’s Twitter takeover could endanger vulnerable users

LOS ANGELES – Elon Musk’s mass layoffs at Twitter are putting government critics and opposition figures around the world at risk, digital rights activists and groups warn, as the company slashes staff including human rights experts and workers in regional hubs. Experts fear that changing priorities and a loss of experienced workers may mean Twitter falls … Read more

How to Get Twitter Blue Check Mark as Elon Musk Rolls Out New Plan

Twitter Blue is the name of the new service where verified Twitter users have to pay $7.99 month in return for the prestigious blue tick, introduced by billionaire Elon Musk, who has bought the social media network. What is Twitter Blue? Twitter Blue is a controversial idea, as many people associate the blue check mark … Read more

Twitter, Meta Layoff Highlights Importance Of Financial Planning—Here’s How To Prepare For Job Loss

As mass layoffs at Twitter and Meta hit the global tech industry amid growing geopolitical tension and economic uncertainty, employees who were given the pink slip may have all the reasons to worry about their financial future. However, a few prudent decisions and strategies could help them tide over the crisis until they find their … Read more

Laid Off Twitter Engineer Accuses Twitter of Retaliation

Photo: David Odisho (Getty Images) One of the nearly 4,000 Twitter employees laid off in the company‘s tumultuous post-Elon Musk acquisition says the company illegally targeted him for trying to help fellow employees save documents prior to their abrupt removal from the company. Former Twitter engineer Emmanuel “Manu” Cornet reportedly filed a complaint with the … Read more

Twitter downloads soar – daily activity hits record high

Twitter has been experiencing significant changes over the past few weeks. After the official takeover of the social platform by Elon Musk, uncertainty clouds the app. Elon Musk’s first action as Twitter’s CEO was to fire several Twitter executives including its former CEO. Subsequently, he fired almost 50% of the company’s workforce. Some of these … Read more

Fired for helping coworkers who faced layoffs, says Twitter employee

An engineer who previously worked for Twitter Inc. claims that the company let him go days after Elon Musk bought the company because he created a tool that would enable staff to save crucial documents in case of mass layoffs. The engineer, Emmanuel Cornet, complained to the U.S. National Labor Relations Board on Monday, claiming … Read more

TechScape: How to quit Twitter – and where to go instead | Technology

Another Twitter exodus has begun. Since Elon Musk first made a bid to acquire the social network, some users have expressed concern at the direction the site could take under his ownership. A narrow focus on “free speech” that seemed defined specifically to please his rightwing American supporters, a predilection for misinformation and a fundamental … Read more