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Steam Error E502 L3 [FIXED]

Steam boasts non-pareil prevalence in the gaming world, offering PC players a haven for getting their fix of this profound hobby better than ever. However, there are moments of conflict where the game launcher just won’t act right, such as the notorious Steam error E502 L3 issue. In such scenarios, the app can be rendered unworkable.

Players can’t have that on their end, especially when some of us come home after a long day of work only to discover an irksome bother impeding our playability. Keep on reading to discover what the issue is, how it surfaces, and everything you can do to get back on track with the Steam launcher. Let’s get started. 

What Is The E502 L3 Steam Error?

Error E502 L3 Steam
Error E502 L3 Steam

Steam has had a bunch of errors, issues, and glitches over the years as the developers constantly try to tweak it to perfection. One fair instance where the issue resides on the back-end is when the burden caused by a heavy influx of players all at the same time becomes too much to bear for the servers. 

Potentially, we could be looking at a lesser amount of anticipation and prior preparation in this case, but you never know how things are going to turn out in scenarios like these. We mention the point because of the relatively recent pre-registration period of the Steam Deck where seemingly millions jumped in to grab a piece.

Most people have had the Steam error code E502 L3 pop up right during that time. For others, jaw-dropping discounts, deals, and savings where everyone’s trying to purchase a particular game can often cause the servers to crash as well, prompting you to try again later. 

Aside from waiting and letting things come back to normal, you can take things into your own hands instead. Follow the instructions outlined in the next section to have a go at the problem yourself and fix it as well potentially. Do read until the end for the best results.

How To Fix Steam E502 L3 Error 

The subsections ahead are curated solutions that will help you resolve the error E502 L3 Steam issue potentially. However, please note that the following fixes may not work in the case the problem resides on the back-end. Read on to explore what can be done in that scenario.

Moreover, we recommend restarting your PC in case you haven’t done that already. Rebooting hardware might seem like the oldest trick in the book, but there’s no sliver of the doubt when it comes to its competency nonetheless. 

Check Steam For Server Availability

It’s not set in stone that we’re the ones at fault here when the E502 L3 error Steam pops up. Chances are that Steam might be suffering from an issue from the back-end, which happens to be the side of the people up high in control of moderating the diverse services of the Steam software.

Given its online-only nature, the launcher heavily depends on its servers running optimally. In the case where that isn’t a possibility at a specific time, you’ll definitely face problems with running Steam, such as not being able to connect right from the get-go.

The quickest way to ensure that your device or internet connection isn’t the culprit to blame is to verify Steam’s server status. A fan-made website called Steam Status is your best bet regarding the matter at hand.

The site promptly pulls up data and verifies whether Steam is running perfectly or if there’s something barring optimal usability at the moment. Check out the following screenshot of Steam Status. As you can comprehend, everything’s working just fine at the time of writing.   

steam error code e502 l3
Steam Status

Avoid staying unwary of Steam’s server status before you can start second-guessing your options. Give it a go on your end and see whether the results come forth all right. After confirming that it’s not an issue on the side of the developers, keep on reading to implement the following potential fixes on the Windows PC.  

Log Out And Back Into The Storefront

Some players can’t shout “fix steam error E502 L3” louder enough on various forums online, but somewhere along the screams and the pain has arrived a working potential fix to the problem we have here. It appears that simply logging out of the Steam launcher and proceeding to log right back in does the trick. 

Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, it is equally effective in a similar measure. Waste no further time in firing up the Steam launcher, clicking on your profile name in the top-right section of the window, and selecting “Log Out.” Once done, a confirmation prompt will appear on the screen. You know what to click on next.

steam workshop error e502 l3
Logging Out of the Steam Launcher

The next step is to log back into the Steam launcher. Click on the app icon to start the software up and continue by entering your credentials. Click on the “Login” button as soon as you’ve done that to get right back into the launcher. 

error e502 l3 steam
Logging Into Steam Again

Try making a purchase or doing anything that made the error spring up in the first place to see whether it still continues to be a menace. You should be able to go about your day just fine in the wake of applying the potential fix in question. If not though, we’ve only just begun trying to resolve the matter. Keep up the read. 

Run Steam As An Administrator

Providing Steam admin authority is the way to go if you want boundless access to the famed desktop launcher. Sometimes, when you’re not running the app as an admin, a bevy of issues are bound to surface inadvertently, such as the Steam Confirmation Error, thereby making the ordeal an exacerbated catastrophe. 

That is why it’s preferred to run Steam with the privileges of an administrator to get the literal best out of it no matter what. Now, there are a couple of ways you can achieve the task at hand, but let us go over the easy one for your understanding.

Simply type in “Steam” in the Windows Search bar to make the application pop up on the screen. Right after that, click on the “Run as administrator” button to finalize the process. That’s one way of launching Steam with admin privileges, but if you’re after a more permanent solution, there’s another thing to try.

Look for the executable Steam file application in the File Explorer region of your PC. Once you locate it, double-click on the entry, and select “Properties.” Doing so should open up a new window on your end, allowing you to click on “Compatibility” without breaking a sweat.

At last, toggle on the box beside “Run this program as an administrator,” apply the changes, and click on “OK.” That’s all there is to it.

e502 l3 error steam
Running Steam as an Administrator

This is your green signal to launch Steam again and see if the issue at hand still exists. From what we can gather by reading community forums and researching around, it is a definitive E502 L3 Steam error fix that should be getting things back in order for you.

A multitude of players got the launcher working like a charm through the proper application of this stratagem, so here’s hoping that you can say the same afterward. If, however, fate has different plans for you yet, keep on reading to try the next potential solution In line. 

Allow The Steam App Through Windows Firewall

Next up, it’s essential to make sure that the Steam app isn’t being treated as some sort of a threat to your Windows PC and is being allowed to run like it needs to. That way, you’ll be able to avoid a truckload of issues on your end right from the get-go, not to mention the E502 L3 error Steam issue as well. 

In the case that you’re foggy on how to test whether it is Windows Firewall that isn’t letting the world’s best game launcher breathe in peace, follow the steps given ahead. You’ll shortly be learning the process of allowing an app through the Windows Firewall program. 

  1. Your first task is to open the “Firewall and network protection” section of Windows Security on your PC. You can do that by simply searching for it using the Windows Start menu.
    Opening Firewall and network protection
    Opening “Firewall and network protection”
  2. Once done, a new window will launch and it’ll be a part of the Windows Security department, as mentioned earlier. You now have to click on “Allow an app through firewall” to get to the next step. 
    Clicking on "Allow an app through firewall"
    Clicking on “Allow an app through firewall”
  3. You now have to make a couple of clicks in the following window that opens after completing the last step. Click on “Change settings” first to make the “Allow another app” option accessible. Once done, click on the latter and see yourself opening another window. 
    Setting Up the App to be Allowed Through Firewall
    Setting Up the App to be Allowed Through Firewall
  4. A small-scale window will open up just after you complete the next step. This is where you’ll have to click on “Browse” and search your computer for the main Steam executable file application. From what we can gather, you only have to add a single distinct process of the game to the designated area in this step. 
  5. As soon as you have found the Steam app that needs to be allowed through Firewall, select and add it to the list of inclusive apps. This will take you back to the previous small-scale window where the game file will be listed with a specific name under the “Apps” section. Click on “Add” to allow the game app through Windows Firewall. You’ve made most of the progress completing this step. 
    e502 l3 steam error code
    Adding the Destiny 2 Application to Windows Firewall


  6. You now just have to go through one more simple step now to finalize the process. Check the box for “Public” and “Private” connections for Windows Firewall on the “Allowed apps” window. You have to do this for the Destiny 2 executable file. Lastly, don’t forget to click on “OK” as soon as you’re done.
    steam error e502 l3 reddit
    Allowing Steam Through Firewall

We’re done here. Now that you’ve finally allowed the app through Windows Firewall, launch it on your end to see whether it brings favorable results. In the case that you still can’t get the better of the error, try out the next fix we’ve curated for you ahead. 

Toggle Off Your Antivirus For A While

Turning off the antivirus software, both Windows Defender and any third-party program that you might have installed on your PC is another possible solution to the Steam workshop error E502 L3.

A whole swath of users reporting on forums and pages online claims that programs like Avast Antivirus and even Norton Security somehow cause the error code to pop up. Upon disabling the software entirely, the app starts to function again and the issue disappears in thin air. 

Therefore, we highly encourage uninstalling any third-party antivirus that you might have installed on your Windows PC. Don’t be afraid of any kind of security threats since we’ll only be doing this for a brief while in order to confirm the antivirus program’s link to the issue in question.

Search for “Remove apps and programs” in the Windows Search bar and you’ll get taken straight to the area from where you can uninstall your Windows software. Select the antivirus that you have installed on the system and remove it from the device.

Once done, restart your PC to shut down the Steam app in the case that it’s running still, and refresh the computer. Launch the software as soon as the PC boots back up to see if the bug exists. Keep up the hustle in case you’re still not able to resolve the matter. 

Try A VPN Or Disable It If You’re Using One Already

The E502 L3 Steam error code pertains to the internet and your connectivity as we’ve discussed above. It can potentially surface when a stable connection to the app’s servers cannot be established. The issue could link with the IP address that you have and the locality you reside in.

Therefore, in cases such as these, it’s definitely worth taking up the service of a Virtual Protocol Network, or better yet, a VPN, and confirming whether doing so helps resolves the matter problem or not. You can find a swath of VPN software out on the internet, both paid and free.

If you don’t have a premium program for the purpose already, it would be fitting to nudge you toward PrivadoVPN Free—a high-quality and free-to-use VPN that switches up your IP address and lets you browse with thorough security.

After you finally establish a link to any abroad region with your VPN, try logging into the storefront like you normally would and see whether the same mundane issue manages to seep into its place again.

Post some hefty research, we’ve found a ton of different people resolving the Steam issue by implementing this potential fix. However, with that being said, another potential fix here in a similar light is to turn off the VPN that you’re using. 

Do note that what we’re telling you is applicable only if you had the Steam error E502 L3 issue pop up after you already had connected to a VPN. In that case, it might be worth logging into the app with the added service toggled off.

It’s common knowledge that connecting to a VPN reduces the strength of your internet connection. Depending on the server and the country you’ve established a connection to, it can get hard to retain the same download speed, upload speed, and ping with a connected VPN. In other cases, a fault with the IP address could be impeding. 

Therefore, if you’re discovering yourself in a similar situation, make haste in disabling or toggling off your VPN and starting Steam without it. Some users have observed a huge improvement in the functional capacity of the app by just going VPN-free on their Windows PC.

Still, in the case that you did not have a VPN connection doing the trick for you, keep on reading to discover what other methods can help us work out a solution here. 

Use A Clean Boot To Refresh The PC

Just restarting your Windows system isn’t sometimes enough to make the cut for a whole swath of errors. What we actually need to do here is up the ante and do more than just a meager restart.

Clean booting is a modern technique for giving our PC a proper restart. It takes care of unwanted processes, and can potentially resolve several errors in its wake. We’re about to indulge in an effective resetting method that can wholly refresh the system and allow your hardware to reboot itself the proper way.

Doing so can definitely bring desirable results on your end, as it has for many other similarly troubled Steam users. Performing the operation requires the user to go through several steps. Let’s plunge right into them right away in the subsection below.  

Clean Booting A Windows PC To Resolve Steam Error E502 L3 

The following steps are going to take it from here. Be sure to follow the steps outlined ahead diligently for the best results.

  1. The first step is to open the “Run” application on your Windows PC. You can either search for it using the Windows Start menu or simply use a shortcut hotkey. Press the “Windows” key and the “R” key on your device’s keyboard, and “Run” will pop right up.
    steam workshop error e502 l3
    Opening the Run Application
  2. The next step is to type in “MSConfig” within the “Run” application window and press the “Enter” key. Doing so will launch another window on your end called “System Configuration.”
    e502 l3 steam error code
    Opening System Configuration Through the Run Program
  3. The System Configuration window should now appear on the screen for you. This is where you’ll have to hover over the “Selective Startup” section within the “General” tab and select it. The next step is to uncheck the “Load startup items” option simply. That should complete the first half of clean booting your PC.
    steam error code e502 l3
    Unchecking “Load Startup Items”
  4. You now have to click on the “Services” tab that’s present up top on the same “System Configuration” window. This will take you to another page there, allowing you to check out all of the running services on the device. You now have to click on “Hide Microsoft Services” to get to the next step.
    steam error e502 l3
    Hiding All Microsoft Services
  5. Hiding all Microsoft services means that you have done half the work here. You now have to click on “Disable all” next to finalize this part of clean booting your PC. The following screenshot depicts what to do.
    Disabling All Non-Microsoft Services
    Disabling All Non-Microsoft Services
  6. You’ve just got one thing left to do now before finally restarting the PC. Click on the “Startup” tab next and find the option to fire up the Task Manager. The screenshot below will illustrate how to proceed here.
    Opening the Task Manager
    Opening the Task Manager
  7. As soon as the Task Manager has launched, it’ll take you straight to the “Startup” section of its working interface. Your job here is to disable all the “Enabled” processes that you see. Their status can easily be observed right beside the “Publisher” tab. Therefore, click on each running process and then select “Disable.” You’ll have to repeat the procedure for every enabled application. Close the window when you’re done with all of this.
    Disabling All Enabled Processes
    Disabling All Enabled Processes
  8. The final step is to simply restart your device so the clean booting procedure can be kicked into effect. You can do this painlessly from the Windows Start menu by clicking on the designated icon.
    Restarting the Windows 10 PC
    Restarting the Windows PC

That’s all about how to perform a clean boot on a Windows PC. You’ve successfully followed the steps until the end, so it’s high time to check the Steam launcher for the much-owed results.

Try running the software now to confirm whether the frustrating problem still persists. You should be able to make purchases or just use the store in general just fine now hopefully, but keep on reading for the final potential solution in the case that the hassle continues to be a menace for you.

Reinstall The Steam App

The possibility of restoring the Steam app’s proper functioning does seem low when you’ve tried everything there is to shoot for but nothing is seemingly working still. However, there is one more measure left taking that is proving itself to be the most definitive fix to the error E502 L3 Steam after disabling IPv6 on your Windows PC.

The latter is all about uninstalling the app first and then getting it back on the system again. From what we can collect, doing so happens to resolve the issue almost immediately. Several players have tried going through a reinstallation, only to discover that the technique paid off for them. We recommend following suit. 

The Steam app doesn’t truly sport an exorbitantly huge file size, so you should be able to download it on your system again in due time. The file size of the application is somewhere around a GB, which is nothing but meager in general regardless of the full-fledged Windows platform. 

There’s no other option than powering your way through the download time and being able to get back to using the game launcher optimally. An issue of some sort in the optimization of your copy of the app might be leading you to experience the hassle in question.

The only way this situation is getting alleviated is by ridding the Windows PC of Steam altogether. You can uninstall the app natively on your PC by heading over to the “Add or remove programs” section of the device. Once you finally manage to delete the app, proceed toward installing it one more time from the official website.

Wait until the installation finishes and then launch the famous Valve launcher to confirm whether you can use it comfortably now.

There’s a great possibility that the issue at hand will cease to exist in the wake of applying this potential solution. Do let us know whether the reinstallation bears fruit for you or not, so other users can draw benefit from your feedback. 

The Rundown

Steam is an exceptionally famous game launcher. In fact, it’s as popular as it gets when it comes to the best game launchers on PC. The software hosts a huge catalog of games and has measured up to become the ultimate online game platform in the ripe tech-forward age of 2022.

Ever since its initial release date 18 years ago, Steam has shown no signs of slowing down in terms of progress and advancement. The company has even launched its own handheld gaming console that would fiercely compete with the Nintendo Switch.

There’s just too bright of a future that this brand is proposing at the present, and there’s no telling what the developers up high are up to next. Steam isn’t only a game launcher—it’s a storefront as well that lets you access, purchase, and even try out games from a library of more than half a hundred thousand without breaking a sweat. 

Combine that with the sales, deals, and discounts that the Steam store puts on from time to time, and you’ve got yourself the best platform to be on for your fair fix of PC gaming hands-down. Social features pertaining to the overall gameplay experience that Steam typically offers are another highlight of the famous game launcher. 

The developers have even expanded their mode of operation to mobile platforms, such as Android, iOS, and even ChromeOS. You’ll definitely have the upper hand trying to navigate around the Steam store from the comfort of your mobile phone when deals spark up and time is running out.

Apart from this hefty convenience, the creators have even made way for another tip-top feature to prevail and this one does truly astound players at the start. It’s possible to trade your in-game items through the Steam application for popular titles like CS: GO.

With that said, the relatively recent bother surfacing in the name of Steam error E502 L3 is a real hassle that doesn’t plan to go away anytime soon on its own. However, as we’ve deciphered the issue in the write-up at hand, there is a multitude of ways you can try and fix the issue on your end, given that you’re willing the effort.

Disabling or enabling a VPN and getting back to the Steam app do the trick for the majority of the time. However, in the case that this measure doesn’t bear fruit, feel free to try the rest of the outlined fixes.

Do let us know down in the comments section whether your Steam app is finally working as intended now. As always, eXputer wishes you good luck!

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