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Olivia Rodrigo Look-Alike: Here’s How Singer Hilariously Reacted to Viral Video

Many fans have been taking to social media to share their impressions and videos of them imitating their favorite celebrities. Luckily for one Olivia Rodrigo supporter, the singer herself reacted to the video, and her comment was hilarious.

According to E! Online, the Grammy award-winning artist commented on a video of a fan who attended one of her concerts in Los Angeles, California.

In the short clip, captioned “my sister after one person says she looks like Olivia Rodrigo,” a woman can be seen sporting a purple mini dress, black boots with knee-high socks, pigtails, and sunglasses to complete the “Sour” fantasy.

Throughout the video, which featured the song “deja vu,” a little girl can be seen asking her for a picture. She also walked around the venue feeling her Olivia Rodrigo self.

The singer commented, “No I thought she was me too.”

As of this writing, the viral video amassed over 343.5k likes, thousands of comments, and hundreds of shares on the platform.

Rodrigo isn’t the only one confused about her counterpart, as many fans also commented that they got trolled while attending the concert.


“It took me half the video to realize that it’s not actually olivia,” another commented.

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Other Celebrity Look-Alike Encounters

Olivia Rodrigo isn’t the first singer who had a viral look-alike as Ariana Grande previously reacted to a fan who looks exactly like her on TikTok.

Unlike the “good 4 u” singer, her interaction with the fan didn’t end well as the user, Paige Niemann, said she’s no longer a fan.

According to the Daily Dot, it all started when the content creator became famous for posting videos and photos imitating Grande’s skits as Cat Valentine from Nickelodeon’s “Victorious” and “Sam & Cat.”

From the makeup, dimple, and hairstyle, many fans couldn’t point out if she’s the real deal or not.

However, the singer seemingly shaded her by reposting a video by comedian Jordan Firstman that discussed how memes devalue “something that an artist really poured their soul into.”

Grande agreed that the video is a message to the “ponytail TikTok girls who think doing” her Nickelodeon character voice is a good impression of her.

Niemann responded, saying she’s used to the pop star shading her, and she’s not a fan anymore.

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