Monkeypox can be caused by eating meat? Five myths about the virus BUSTED amid global outbreak! | India News - Fix Bdsthanhhoavn

Monkeypox can be caused by eating meat? Five myths about the virus BUSTED amid global outbreak! | India News

After the world struggled with the Covid-19 pandemic for nearly three years, the sudden spread of another viral disease – Monkeypox – is causing concern worldwide. At least 19 countries have confirmed cases of monkeypox so far. And with people on the edge, myths are flying fast and unabated. But experts say that people should not pay heed to rumours. So here are some myths about monkeypox that are being debunked.

Myth 1: Monkeypox is transmitted only through monkeys

The name is monkeypox but that doesn’t mean the virus spreads only via monkeys or if one is in close contact with monkeys. Monkeypox is transmitted to humans through close contact with an infected person or animal, or with material contaminated with the virus. And it can be ANY animal. 

Myth 2: Eating meat can cause monkeypox

Simply eating meat will not cause monkeypox, say experts! Social media has been flooded with posts about people getting monkeypox because they ate meat, a theory that again experts have debunked. Consumption of infected animals can lead to the virus to spread but eating healthy, well-cooked meat is not an issue.

Myth 3: AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine is causing monkeypox

In Britain especially, a conspiracy theory has been doing the round according to which AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine causes monkeypox. But experts have called out this bogus theory and have asked people to stop circulating outlandish theories.  

Myth 4: Monkeypox is more contagious than Covid-19

Experts have said that while one needs to exercise caution, it can’t be said monkeypox is more contagious than Covid-19. Dr NK Arora, Chairperson of the Covid working group, National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (NTAGI), told ANI, “Monkeypox is not as contagious or severe as Covid. However, its spread is a matter of concern. No suspect cases have been reported in India so far.”

Myth 5: Only gay or bisexual men get monkeypox

This is another bogus conspiracy theory doing the rounds. As per reports, instances of monkeypox reported in gay/bisexual men have led to a rapid rise in homophobia. However, experts say the virus does not discriminate.  Dr John Brooks, chief medical officer for the CDC’s (US Centers for Disease Control) Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention was quoted by CNN as saying that anyone can develop (and) spread monkeypox infection. “Some groups may have a greater chance of exposure right now, but by no means is the current risk of exposure to monkeypox exclusively to the gay and bisexual community in the US,” he told CNN.


(DISCLAIMER: The report here is based on general information and news items. Please take medical advice before coming to any conclusion. ZEE NEWS doesn’t confirm this.)

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