Kitten gets trapped in rainstorm, gets rescued by human whose doggo loves her | Trending - Fix Bdsthanhhoavn

Kitten gets trapped in rainstorm, gets rescued by human whose doggo loves her | Trending

This Reddit video that has gone viral shows how a tiny kitten becomes friends with the dog of the human who saved it from a rainstorm.

When little kittens and puppies get trapped and need rescuing, it is indeed a matter of sheer luck for humans to come across them and be able to help them. And that is exactly what makes such videos of animals getting rescued and rehabilitated all the more delightful to watch. Just like this one video that has been shared on Reddit and involves a cute little kitten who got rescued by a human and came home to meet its dog sibling.

As it turns out this little kitten got trapped in a rainstorm and kept meowing very loudly in order to gain the attention of anyone who would be able to save it. That is just when the human of this particular dog named Athena was passing by and rescued the little kitten. They got the fur baby home and introduced it to their dog. And to their surprise, the both of them warmed up to each other very easily and bonded as well.

“Found lil Pluie soaked in a rainstorm meowing for her life and Athena immediately loved her,” reads the caption to this Reddit video that has a kitten and a dog bonding with each other. The word Pluie means rain in French, as a Redditor aptly pointed out. The cute little pet kitten who is new to the home environment can be seen bonding and adjusting quite well in the video.

Watch the video here:

The video was posted on the subReddit r/AnimalsBeingBros around 17 hours ago and has received over 36,000 upvotes as of now. The share has also accumulated many comments from people who love kittens and dogs.

An individual complimented, “I cannot stand what a perfect, good name that is.” To this, the original poster replied, “Thank you! I’ve always loved the name Louie and the rain, so this worked out perfectly! Not to mention her fantastic disposition and 100% litter box use from day 1.” “Cat got your tongue! Almost! Lemme try again! It’s almost as if Athena is doing it to gently play with her because she’s so tiny. Or maybe she’s just grooming her new baby friend,” cutely wrote another.

What are your thoughts on this Reddit video of a kitten and a dog?

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