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I’m a gardening expert – here’s how to repel mosquitos using five kitchen ingredients you’ll have in your cupboard

A GARDENING expert has explained how common kitchen ingredients can help repel pesky mosquitos this season.

Pest control officials fear that this summer will be buggy because of the wet spring.

Gardening experts have revealed how your plants can be protected from mosquitos


Gardening experts have revealed how your plants can be protected from mosquitosCredit: Getty

Mosquitos are attracted to the carbon dioxide humans emit, water, and damp plants.

But, experts say that growing plants commonly used to flavor food can help keep the bugs away this summer.


Basil can be added to salads, put onto a pizza, or used as a garnish to finish off a dish.

But, it’s a handy way to ward off mosquitos and other pests.

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Basil is one of the most pungent herbs meaning mosquitos detest the smell.

It contains compounds that disrupt the insects’ carbon dioxide sensors, causing them to become confused.


Similar to basil, mosquitoes hate the smell that peppermint plants emit.

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They also absolutely detest the taste of the plant too so they will not be chomping on them.

Peppermint leaves can also be used to treat mosquito bites.

It helps soothe the wound meaning it shouldn’t sting as much.


Garlic is not just a staple ingredient in many cuisines but it can also be used to ward off insects.

Planting garlic bulbs will give gardeners some extra protection this summer.

And when crushed, the bulbs release a compound named allicin.

Patrick Parker, of the SavATree Plant Health Care Program, said: “When garlic extract is absorbed by a plant, biochemical changes take place in its foliage which cause it to actively repel insects.

“In short, plants are provided with a long-lasting case of ‘garlic breath’ that causes insects to move elsewhere.”


Rosemary is commonly used to flavor a piece of meat for a roast dinner, but the herb can be used as an insect repellent.

The woody smell of rosemary is what helps repel the bug, according to gardening experts at Evergreen.

It keeps the bugs away and also attracts butterflies.


When set alight, sage produces an aroma that can help ward off mosquitos.

Gardening fans have warned online that sage shouldn’t be grown during the summer or autumn months.

The plant needs to be potted in a sunny space in your garden and requires well-drained soil.

Meanwhile, experts have warned that mosquitos could thrive this summer after a wet spring, KBJR6 reported.

Demian Hensen, the owner of Dr. Mosquito, said: “You’ve got kind of the perfect recipe for sure, the perfect cocktail, to really make the mosquitoes mature fast and to do it in an environment where they’re not really impeded by anything.”

Exterminators have recommended a series of tips homeowners can follow to keep the bugs out of their properties.

Those that are lucky to have a swimming pool in their backyard should keep it covered when they’re not using it, experts told KPRC.

Mesh screens are a useful tool – providing they don’t have any holes in them – and standing water in pots and drains should be emptied.

Meanwhile, outdoor lover and cleaning expert Misty Harrison has revealed she uses a $3 product to banish the bugs.

In one of her TikTok clips, she emptied a container and filled it with Pine-Sol and a bit of water.

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