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How to Install Neptune Linux on PC

This guide is about how to install Neptune Linux on computer. Neptune is a GNU/Linux distros based entirely on Debian Stable (‘Buster’) except for a newer kernel and some drivers. It comes with a modern KDE Plasma desktop with its main view on a nice looking multimedia system to get your work done. It’s also a system that’s flexible and very useful on USB sticks. Therefore, we have developed easy-to-use applications such as USB Installer, as well as a Persistent Creator that allows you to save changes made to your system to your live USB stick.

The Debian repository is the main base for getting updates and new software. In addition, Neptune comes with its own software repository to update our own applications. Neptune attempts to carry the BeOS message of a fully supported multimedia operating system to a next generation of users. Neptunes focuses on providing users with an elegant out-of-the-box experience. Therefore, we deliver a nice and simple overall look, as well as a whole range of multimedia tools, such as codecs, flash players, etc. Below we have mention the steps to install Neptune Linux on PC.

How to Install Neptune Linux on PC

Download Neptune Linux and Etcher Tool

You need an ISO image of Neptune Linux. You can download it from the official Neptune Linux download page. You will also need an 8GB USB flash drive to use as the bootable installation media. To install Neptune Linux, you need to write your downloaded ISO to a USB stick to create the installation media. This is not the same as copying the ISO and requires custom software.

Create Bootable USB Stick

Step 1: Insert the USB flash drive into your computer.

Step 2: Double-click on the balenaEtcher download file to run the app. Press Flash from file to select the downloaded Neptune ISO file on your computer.

Step 3: Press Select target and choose the correct USB flash drive from the list.

Step 4: Press Flash! to begin writing Neptune Linux to the USB flash drive.

How to Install Neptune Linux

Step 1: Insert the USB flash drive into your computer.

Step 2: While the system would restart and initialize start pressing F9 (or Del or F10 or F12 or Esc) to display Boot Menu. The key could be different on different make and model, try other keys as per Make and Model of your machine.

Step 3: From the Boot Menu, select Flash Drive as Boot Device and Hit Enter. It may be at different serial number in different systems. Wait for the system to Boot from the Flash Drive.

Step 4: Here is the very first screen you should see when booting your system using this ISO. select Neptune Live (English)

Step 5: Let is boot into the Live desktop, once done, click Install Neptune option.

Step 6: Choose what language do you want. click Next.

Step 7: Using the on-screen map, click on the region you live in. This map is used to calculate your timezone so that when Neptune is set up, the PC clock will be accurate. After selecting your timezone, click Next to continue.

Step 8: The Neptune installer will prompt you to configure your keyboard model. Look through the list to choose your model or go with what the installer has detected. Click Next when done.

Step 9: On next step specify how you want disk partitioning to be perfomed, Erase disk will erase your current disk and will reinstall fresh OS on it, you can use Manual partitioning option to perform any custom partitioning if you like.

Step 10: Specify the root password for this new installation and also specify a super user account to manage your system.

Step 11: Before you begin installation, you can check if the information provided above are correct and click Install to start installation.

Step 12: Neptune OS installation is in progress now.

Step 13: When the process is complete, Click Done to reboot your PC.

Step 14: Remove the USB Flash Drive and press Enter.

Step 15: In the Grub window hit enter.

Step 16: Log in to your new Neptune Linux system.

Final Words

We hope our article on how to Install Neptune Linux on Windows will help you and resolve all your problems. Just like Windows, iOS and Mac OS, Linux is an operating system. In fact, one of the most popular platforms in the world, Android, is powered by the Linux operating system. An operating system is software that manages all of the hardware resources connected to your desktop or laptop. If you also want to know how to install Neptune on PC then follow the steps mentioned above.

I hope you understand this article, How to Install Neptune Linux on PC.

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