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How to increase inventory space in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock is an independent answer to classics like Harvest Moon that seeks to unseat Stardew Valley. This fully 3D take on the farming and lifestyle game format introduces plenty of new details to the experience while refining the classic aspects.

As in most of these farming games, there are countless items and crafting elements to collect and use. With so many different and important pieces, increasing the number of things the player can carry is key. Every extra slot is a new tool or crafting item on the ever-expanding utility belt.

Increase inventory space in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock is all about crafting, and that necessitates a ton of important items that the player can carry. Luckily, getting new slots in the backpack is very easy and reasonably affordable.

Players will start with 29 inventory slots in their backpacks, but the page allows for quite a few more. Getting additional slots is as simple as opening up the inventory and pressing the large plus button next to the final open slot. Then just pay for the new slot.

The first 11 slots of additional inventory space, taking the backpack from 29 to 40 and filling the first page, each cost 10 Gols. The price continues to increase from there, but there is no defined limit.

The next group, taking the total from 40 to 50, will each cost 20 Gols. After that, 50 to 60 each costs 50 Gols. Finally, any extra slot above the 60th will cost 100 Gols.

There doesn’t appear to be a defined limit on how many inventory spaces one player can have, but don’t get carried away. Just getting to 60 slots will cost the player 810 Gols, before the price doubles again.

There are a ton of other things the player needs to be spending their Gols on to make a successful farm, from crafting recipes to items. They will need to be careful not to overspend, but inventory space is important.

Players can unlock the Storage Knowledge skill to decrease the cost of these expansions. The first level drops it by 5%, and the second drops it by 10%, making it a better purchase.

Earning Gols in My Time at Sandrock

As has become obvious, Gols are the currency of My Time at Sandrock. They’re very important for the overall success of a player in the game. Earning as much as possible will always be key.

Head to the board every day and do the daily commissions to earn a ton of cash. There are a few skills, including Quality Bonus Knowledge, that will increase the payout for each mission.

Players who’ve created efficient crafting paths can easily sell off their hand-crafted items for profit. By the mid-point of the game, selling Stone Troughs and Grinding Saws can turn a little work into a lot of cash.

My Time at Sandrock is a game about development, and carrying more stuff is important. Just be frugal with Gols and increase inventory space whenever necessary from the inventory menu.

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