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How To Get The Batmobile In GTA Online

There are dozens of incredible cars and other vehicles in the world of GTA Online. Rockstar Games has continually added to the fleet of available cars that players can either earn through challenges or outright purchase. There’s no shortage of unique or high-performance machines that you can buy in GTA Online. However, there’s one car that combines unique and high-performance better than any other vehicle in the game: the Grotti Vigilante. Of course, GTA Online players have come to call this car by another name, the Batmobile.

Rockstar Games introduced the Grotti Vigilante in 2017 and clearly took inspiration from the Batmobile. More specifically, the developers were inspired by the 1989 movie version of the car. The Batmobile is one of the most recognizable cars in the entertainment world, being featured in dozens of movies and television shows over the years. It was only natural that Rockstar put their own spin on the classic ride in GTA Online. The Vigilante is truly unique and features a plethora of upgrades for players to increase the car’s performance even more. Although, as it’s such a recognizable and top-rated machine, the price tag for the Vigilante is as steep as Mount Chiliad.

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In the guide below, we’ll go over how to acquire and upgrade the Batmobile along with discussing whether or not it’s worth it in GTA Online.

The Grotti Vigilante (Batmobile)

In order to add the Batmobile to your garage, you can head over to Warstock Carry & Cache. This is the only marketplace that carries the Grotti Vigilante.

Before you get too attached to the Vigilante, the base price you’ll be paying for it is $3,750,000. This makes the Vigilante one of the most expensive vehicles in all of GTA Online and makes players wonder if the car is actually worth it. While it’s ultimately up to each individual player, and their wallet, the Vigilante does feature some great upgrade options and can be used in just about every situation you’ll find yourself in while playing the online version of Los Santos.

The Grotti Vigilante is arguably the fastest car in GTA Online.
The Grotti Vigilante is arguably the fastest car in GTA Online.

The number one aspect of the Vigilante that will draw players in is its appearance. It has a sleek design, featuring an all-black color scheme, slender cab, and a slew of other features. Some of these features include bigger drag tires in the back, pop-up headlights and doors, and a set of rocket boosters. The interior cab of the Vigilante is also impressive, sporting unique dials and other flashing lights.

If its appearance doesn’t get your motor going, then the performance of the Vigilante might. Not only does the Vigilante have a top base speed of 115 miles per hour. However, when the rocket boosters are activated, the car can reach a top speed of 147 miles per hour. This top speed makes it the fastest car in all of GTA Online. Aside from speed, the Vigilante has terrific traction thanks to its large rear tires and decent braking. Its acceleration is slightly lacking due to its hulking frame.

On paper, it seems like the Vigilante is a fantastic car for racing thanks to its statistical performance. Although, the Vigilante has something that other racing cars don’t have, which is a nearly-impenetrable frame. The car comes equipped with bullet-proof windows and an armored body that makes it resistant to crashes and other forms of damage. However, the Vigilante has zero protection from explosions, so keep it away from bombs and RPGs.

In addition to the armored body, the Vigilante also has various weapons at its disposal. There are two machine guns attached to the car, which sit at fixed positions and cannot be changed during the course of a firefight. These fixed positions can make shooting the guns somewhat troublesome. To make matters somewhat worse, you and a passenger can’t use your own weapons while driving the Vigilante. This is due to the windows not being able to open.

With these flaws in mind, you can upgrade the Vigilante to mitigate any shortcomings. Of course, these upgrades will be fairly costly. The car’s armor can be upgraded by 100% but for a $50,000 price tag. You can also upgrade the engine for another $33,500. There are other upgrades also available, all of which will cost significantly more than a normal car’s upgrades. While these prices are considerably higher than other cars’ upgrades, if you’re willing to pay nearly $4 million for the base vehicle, another $100 grand or so shouldn’t be a major issue.

This brings us to our final point, which is deciding if the Grotti Vigilante is worth it or not. As stated above, it’s up to each player to decide. If $4 million is nothing to you in the grand scheme of things, then there’s arguably not a cooler vehicle to add to your garage in GTA Online. Even if $4 million is breaking the bank for you, owning a Batmobile is a sign of pride. And the car can certainly hold its own in a race or while completing missions, which could allow it to pay for itself in time.

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