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How to generate stylish names in BGMI 2.0

In the last few months, BGMI has witnessed a considerable rise in terms of popularity. It has emerged as one of the leading battle royale titles in the Indian gaming market.

With new players making their way to the battle royale title on a daily basis, older players are trying to enhance the look of their profile. To serve their purpose, players are adding skins and outfits to their inventory, as well as changing their in-game names.

However, creating a name can be troublesome as Android and iOS devices do not allow their users to directly add symbols and special characters. This is why players often visit name generator sites to generate names or find new ones.

How can BGMI players find and generate names to use in BGMI?

There are multiple websites on the internet that act as name generators. Battlegrounds Mobile India users can visit these websites and generate a name by decorating it with creative symbols. These symbols can be found exclusively on these websites. They can even choose a stylish moniker from the suggested list (which varies from player to player).

While some websites suggest and create in-game names for PC and console gamers, there are some that work on the same principle but have mobile gamers as their target users. Websites like Nickfinder, Battlegroundsmobileguru, and Gaming Nicknames are amongst the most popular name generators available.

To find a new in-game name, users can visit the name generator site of their choice. Players can enter any name and then tap on the Search button. Based on their preference, they can then choose any name from the suggested list.

On the other hand, to create the desired IGN, BGMI players should visit the name generator website and choose any unique symbol or character. They are then required to add these symbols to their name and copy them to use in the game.

How to change the in-game name in BGMI?

BGMI offers its users Rename Cards to change their in-game name (IGN) when needed. These cards are available for free in the level-up section and can be purchased from the in-game shop for 180 UC.


Once available, users can follow the steps mentioned below to change their IGN:

  • Players need to head over to the in-game Inventory section.
  • Upon reaching the inventory, they must scroll and search for Rename Card and then click on the Use button
  • When the dialog box appears, they should paste the copied name created in the name generator website.
  • Finally, they need to click on the OK button to successfully change their in-game name.

However, players must remember to inform their in-game friends before changing their names, so that they do not unfriend the player for mistaken identity.

Furthermore, they must remember not to change their names after registering in any upcoming official tournaments like BGIS 2022 and BMPS 2022 Season 2. Doing so can get them disqualified as it strictly goes against Krafton’s policies.

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