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How to beat Nicholaus The Fallen boss in V Rising: Location, tactics & rewards

If you’ve managed to make it to the mid-game of V Rising but the mighty Nicholaus is preventing you from progressing further, don’t fret, as we’ve got all of the information you need to beat The Fallen Boss.

Amidst all the hostility in V Rising, being able to survive is key. You’ll unlock different abilities along the way, which are essential to making the cut.

V Rising adds a unique flavor to its genre where you start out as a weak vampire, and gradually level up. You’ve to win against various bosses like Nicholaus in the game, who tend to be quite powerful, but don’t worry, our guide will help you out.


Where to find Nicholaus The Fallen boss in V Rising?

Nicholaus is one of the many V Blood bosses in the game who is a Necromancer by heart. As you make advancements in the game, you’ll find him located on the northern side of the Forgotten Cemetary in the Farbane Woods.

Being a Level 37 V Blood boss, he’ll be quite difficult to beat if you have a straightforward approach.

Location of Nicholaus The Fallen Boss in V Rising
V Rising

Nicholaus is a level 37 boss in V Rising.

How to defeat Nicholaus The Fallen boss in V Rising?

There is an extensive list of things to remember before you gather all the courage to defeat Nicholaus The Fallen.

Leveling up and Gear Equipment

The first and foremost rule to defeat Nicholaus is to level yourself up to 37. This will make things easier for you to defeat the mighty boss and land your ranged attacks effectively.

Here’s a rundown of some of the best gear and abilities that you can equip to get an advantage while fighting against him:

  • Nightstalker Vest, Gloves, Leggings, and Boots
  • Mist Signet
  • Veil of Blood (Travel)
  • Aftershock (Basic 1)
  • Blood Rite (Basic 2)
About Nicholaus the Fallen boss in V Rising
V Rising

Nicholaus the Fallen can summon skeletons from the ground.

Reading Nicholaus’s movement and attack patterns

As we mentioned earlier, Nicholaus is a Necromancer which means he can summon the dead from the ground. However, if you follow his movement closely, you’ll notice that he mostly engages a horde of skeletons before him and tries to attack from a distance.

As your fight against Nicholaus starts on the podium, you’ll notice a destructible environment around you that you can break to create more space. This will help you to outmaneuver his entire army of newly summoned and resurrected skeletons at a later stage.

Nicholaus has a total of three attack phases which are explained as follows:

First Phase

Nicholaus The Fallen boss's first attack phase in V Rising

This phase will barely reveal what The Fallen Boss is capable of in V Rising. He’ll start off with a green missile-like attack (which players can easily dodge at the last second) followed by a teleportation ability. You’ll get a visual queue before he teleports as the area will be encircled in red.

Try to move away from that area as it can drain a huge chunk of your health.

Second Phase

Nicholaus The Fallen boss's teleportation ability in V Rising

Nicholaus slowly starts to show his true colors from this phase onwards. He’ll continue summoning more waves of skeletons, followed by three rings of floating skulls released in an abrupt pattern. If you’re a melee player, try to move away from him as much as possible to minimize the inflicted damage.

However, if you’re a ranged player, you can easily dodge it if timed properly.

Third Phase

Nicholaus The Fallen boss's third attack phase in V Rising

This is the trickiest phase of all as Nicholaus will try to overpower you. As we mentioned before, he will summon a new army and resurrect the fallen and this is where the space that you created by destroying the environment will come in handy.

You must restrict yourself from being greedy and take one step at a time. After the first few seconds in this phase, you’ll notice the entire horde will try to follow your steps. Move them as far as possible from Nicholaus and try to land some major blows on the Boss.

At this point, he’ll be vulnerable to attacks and if played wisely, you won’t even need to destroy a single skeleton from his army.

What are the rewards achieved after defeating Nicholaus the Fallen boss in V Rising?

After you’ve successfully defeated Nicholaus in the Farbane Woods, here are the rewards that’ll be unlocked:

  • Pestilence (Power)
  • Ward of the Damned (Power)
  • Study (a structure that unlocks technologies with the help of scrolls)

That’s everything players need to know on how to beat Nicholaus The Fallen boss in V Rising! Players who want to know more about the world of V Rising should check out the rest of our guides below:

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