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Hermès invites The Z List to experience the versatility of the Carré Craft

Hermès recently hosted a workshop with stars of The Z List where they experienced the versatility of the silk scarf, exclusively at the Hermès Carré Craft animation. 

The Z List attended an exclusive workshop on how to fold, tie, twist, and style the Hermès Carré Craft scarf. Exclusively hosted for Lifestyle Asia KL by Hermès in its Pavilion Kuala Lumpur boutique, attendees included humanitarian Sherry Amin; Dolla member ‘Tabby’ Tabitha  Lam; singer Vanessa Reynauld; singer Jeryl Lee; entrepreneur Jaymond Tan;  singer-songwriter Shalma Eliana; singer and actor Layla Sania; national diver Nur Dhabitah Sabri; as well as The Z List 2021 alumni, singer Masya Masyitah; rapper Bunga; singer and actor Ismail Izzani; and content creator Kon Wen Wei.

During the workshop, the attendees were given a brief lesson on the history of Maison Hermès and the Hermès scarf — followed by a hands-on session where The Z List put their scarf-folding skills to the test. With a custom Hermès scarf folding table, the Gen-Zers folded the scarfs according to the guiding light strips on the special table. The attendees also took turns at the photo booth with their best poses to boot.

The workshop served as an introduction to the Hermès Carré Craft scarf. Made from 100% silk, the Hermès scarfs’ versatility was apparent with the various ways the attendees styled them — some on the neck, some as a belt, and some as headscarves. During the session, Hermès also showed the Gen-Zers how different scarfs can be used to accessorise bags, shoes, and more. And to their surprise, they were even able to learn how to make a halter top, a cardigan, and a bag strap through simple ways of knotting, twisting and tying.

The Carré scarves, which means ‘square’ in French, are produced at Maison Hermès’ Silk factory in Lyon. It takes up to two years to produce one scarf — from graphic development and engraving to colouring and rolling. Known as one of the most coveted fashion accessories, the Hermès scarf has been worn by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco.


From 4 June to 12 June 2022, the Hermès Carré Craft event will be available (in Hermès Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and The Gardens Mall) to anyone interested to learn more about the Hermès scarf through guided masterclass on scarf-folding and scarf-styling as well as knotting workshops.

To make an appointment, call 0321420048 (Pavilion Kuala Lumpur) and 0322840048 (The Gardens Mall). You can also visit the Hermès official website for more information.

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