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Fort Erie Public Library has tips to help your child foster a love for reading

Ashley Dunk.

I have been a lifelong reader.

As a child, you were likely to find me with a book or magazine close by, and it’s a habit I have carried into adulthood. It can be a struggle to encourage children to read and to find enjoyment in reading. If a child in your life is a reluctant reader or needs an extra boost, try one of our tips to promote good reading habits.

Demonstrate good reading habits: Children learn by example and mimic behaviours they see. When children see the adults in their life making time for reading, talking about books and sharing books with others, they will exhibit similar behaviours. Try suggesting a regular reading period, as well as keeping books they enjoy handy, in case they would like to spontaneously sit down to read.

Read with the child: Sitting down to read together is the perfect way to get in some quality time. Supporting children as they learn to read and continue to grow their vocabulary will help them to be more confident in their reading abilities. Plus, sharing a story encourages discussion about the book and brings up topics of conversation about your lives. Who knows what you could learn about each other while you are making memories!

Find books they enjoy reading: I am a firm believer that there is a book out there for everyone. Encourage the child to explore and test different types of books to find what they like best. Affirm that any reading is good reading. Picture books, short chapter books, magazines and graphic novels can be seen as “lesser” options for reading materials, but that’s not true. Between exposing children to the visual arts through pictures books and graphic novels, as well as boosting confidence with completing a book or article, any time taken to read is a win. Try exploring books and other materials they like. When in doubt, books with repetition and rhymes can be a great way to make reading fun and engaging.

Visit your local library: Come see us at the library. It is a fun experience to pick out new books to read together at home. You can also find a cosy corner of the library to enjoy a book. Regular visits to the library and borrowing materials help to create regular habits and encourage reading. (Psst! We also have some interactive reading challenges coming up where kids can win prizes for reading.)

See you at the library!

Ashley Dunk is the Children and Teen Librarian at the Fort Erie Public Library. She enjoys romance books and camping with her dog. You can reach her at [email protected]

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