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Flint City Council considers how to spend money from ARPA | Local

FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) – Another proposal is on the table for Flint City Council on how to spend 94.7 million dollars in funding from the American Rescue Plan.

During a special committee meeting earlier this week, the chief financial officer for the City of Flint asked council to use 8.1 million dollars of ARPA Funds to help fill a $14 million dollar budget hole. 

Even if council does approve the proposal, there is still plenty of money for council to allocate within the next two years.

There’s a lot of projects that been brought before council, but behind it is a long list of check marks to get through because of the ARPA requirements.

Of the 94.7 million dollars Flint received in ARPA funds, city council approved only four proposals so far.

That includes $2.5 million in premium pay for first responders, $3 million for water main reconstruction on Miller Road, $16 million in blight demolitions, and $1.1 million dollars for Ernst & Young to manage the federal funds. 

That leaves about 72 million dollars left to spend.

The only proposal currently on the table in an 8.1 million dollar plan to cut into Flint’s $14M deficit.

Vice president and Seventh Ward Council Women, Allie Herkenroder, said that input from residents is going well, but gaining traction on plans to be voted on, presents its own challenges.

“The problem with a lot of the proposals that we have seen is that they’ve not yet they’ve not gone through the proper channels, or B, they’re not qualified under ARPA funds,” she said. 

Which is the reason, the council approved funding for the Ernst & Young compliance company before approving any other proposals.

“If things don’t go through the compliance firm, then we risk having to have either that organization or the city be liable for recapturing any funds that are divvied out// Just because somebody brings a really cool idea. That doesn’t mean that it’s going to get funded because it has to go through the compliance firm first,” said Herkenroder.

With an election season coming up, councilwoman Herkenroder says it’s important for council to stay focused when looking at future proposals and it starts with approving a proper city budget.

That budget with hopefully be approved at Monday’s council meeting.

As for allocating and getting a move on proposals, the council still has plenty of time.

Under the ARPA fund requirements, allocation must be completed by December 31 of 2024 and that money must be within the following two years.

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