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Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin reuniting melted NY Giants fans hearts

This photo must have kept Tom Brady up all night. Recently, Eli Manning took to Twitter to share a special photo of him and fellow NY Giants legend Tom Coughlin watching film together. What could be better? These two will forever be loved over in East Rutherford, as they helped bring two Super Bowl titles to town.

Now, they are enjoying life after football. With plenty more free time on their hands, Coughlin and Manning decided to link up and re-live some glory days. While it’s unclear if this was for a special project or not – that doesn’t matter. All that matters is these two were reunited and Giants fans were quite emotional seeing it.

Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin watching film together was amazing

The two look like they couldn’t be happier, showcasing huge smiles. This makes things even better. Were they watching film of the two Super Bowl wins over Brady and the New England Patriots? That’s up in the air, but regardless, these two will always have the bragging rights from shocking TB12 and the Pats with the Lombardi Trophy on the line twice.

Plenty of people called the two out for watching on a projector that looks like it was made in the 1940s, but hey, that’s not important here. The only thing to focus on is that people all over the country were reminded of the success these two were able to produce for the G-Men when they were working together.

It’s no secret the Giants have struggled in recent years, but there’s plenty of belief in new general manager Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll. With these two taking over, the general feeling is that there’s no reason the Giants can’t bounce back from their 4-13 showing in 2021. With the improvement of the offensive line, plus the addition of pass-rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux, there’s no question the roster has improved.

Both Manning and Coughlin will always be Giants fans. They’ll surely be following the team closely this season from start to finish. With Manning being so vocal on Twitter, you can fully expect him to chime in on how things are going throughout the year as well. Hopefully this team will give him plenty of reasons to be excited.



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