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Cobra ‘hijacks’ control panel at a Rajasthan railway station, photo goes viral

A cobra tried to “take charge” of a control panel at a railway station in Rajasthan before it was caught. In an image going viral across social media platforms, including WhatsApp, a cobra can be seen with an open hood on a control panel as the station master sits on a table in the furthest corner of the room.

According to local reports, the cobra managed to enter the control room at the Ravtha Road (RDT) station under Kota Division on Wednesday and “hijacked” the control panel. The station master manning the panel said he got scared after seeing the snake and immediately scooted away.

Although the panel on which the snake was sitting is crucial for train operations, the slithering intruder didn’t affect train services. According to Dainik Bhaskar, station master Kedar Prasad informed the Kota controller as the machine is used to show and monitor the status and signal of trains on the route. The report added that as a Rajdhani was passing through the station at the time, signals were open and the snake’s appearance didn’t lead to any interruptions.

The report added that the venomous snake kept sitting on the panel for about 20 minutes before it was safely rescued by pointsman Lalit Baurasi. The reptile was later released in the wild, Dainik Bhaskar added.

Social media was abuzz as people couldn’t believe how the big snake reached the panel, while others were glad no one was hurt. Some even came up with jokes saying, “Cobra to ASM – let me route trains for sometime, you take a chill pill”.

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