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Clips of Amber Heard ‘Smirking’ as Johnny Depp Takes Stand Go Viral

Amber Heard has gone viral yet again: this time for seemingly “smirking” during Johnny Depp’s latest testimony.

Depp and Heard are currently embroiled in a $50 million defamation trial after Depp sued his ex-wife, claiming loss of career earnings. Heard wrote a 2018 op-ed which never mentioned Depp by name, but stated she was a survivor of domestic abuse. Heard is counter-suing her former husband.

The trial has been ongoing for a number of weeks now in Fairfax, Virginia with both parties leveling severe allegations of violence against the other, all of which have been denied.

The trial has offered up countless viral moments already, with outlandish witness testimony, subtle looks and expressions, and salacious details from Depp and Heard’s marriage all trending online.

The latest trend comes as a result of Heard’s reaction to seeing and hearing her ex-husband on the stand.

Johnny Depp and AMber Heard smirking
Amber Heard has been accused of “smirking” whilst listening to Johnny Depp give testimony on Day 22, Wednesday May 25, of the trial.
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On Wednesday May 25, Day 22 of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial, the Pirates of the Caribbean star was once again called to testify. While most eyes were on Depp as he was questioned, others noticed Heard’s reaction.

“I don’t know what game Amber Heard’s trying to play but while Johnny Depp’s on the stand, speaking of the abuse he endured by her, she’s fully laughing and smirking in his direction,” wrote @sunflxwervolsix on Twitter.

Many other social media users highlighted Heard’s apparent “smirking” too.

On TikTok, @sophieisabella2809 seemed to be furious with Heard’s facial expressions writing “Narcissistic abuser that’s all she is” overlaying the text onto a clip of her.

“What happened to all her crying?” asked one TikTok user in the comment section while another stated, “Hope the jury sees her smirk.”

Depp fan account @GellertDepp got over 24,000 likes for their assessment. “Amber Heard smiling like a maniac, she seems to have forgotten that she’s pretending to have PTSD,” they wrote on Twitter. “It’s creepy and gross,” tweeted popular Depp supporter @ThatUmbrella in relation to Heard’s “smirking.”

Depp was asked if he’d ever taken “8-10 MDMA pills” to which Depp smiled and said no, “because I’d be dead.”

Cameras in the courtroom caught Heard once again smiling at this testimony.

“The snide smirk on Amber Heard’s face when Johnny Depp mentions he could be dead is beyond disturbing,” wrote @JohnnDeppWarrior on Twitter when referencing the same video.

“Amber Heard smirking and looking proud when her victim is describing how she injured his finger is truly disturbing,” tweeted @eddilfvedder.

@mahoganysaid echoed the take of a lot of viewers, and the majority of Johnny Depp fans, commenting how Heard’s behavior has changed.

“It was only 2 weeks ago Amber Heard was pretending to be startled by Johnny, when exiting the stand. Today she was gleefully smirking and relishing in Johnny’s trauma. Just like that, her “ptsd” vanished,” they wrote.

Many more comments on Twitter continued in the same vein, although a lot of the accounts seemed to be committed Depp fan accounts.

The number of Heard fans online seems a lot smaller, but Newsweek was unable to find opinions online which seemed to defend Heard, at least in this particular instance.

Day 22 of the Depp vs. Heard trial saw Depp return to the stand, model Kate Moss testified that Depp never pushed her down the stairs, and former TMZ employee Morgan Tremaine took the stand.

Catch up with all of the events and follow the latest from the court on Newsweek’s live blog.

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