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NBN download speeds improve while uploads remain stagnant

If you noticed slightly faster internet over the past few months, you’re not just imagining things. A recent report from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) found that download speeds for retail NBN fixed-line connections are on the rise. Average download speeds across fixed-line connections from retail service providers (RSPs) sat at 99.3% of … Read more

Why it is Difficult and How to Fix it in a Decentralized Way

Source: AdobeStock / NicoElNino   Fabian Riewe is the Co-founder of Web3 data lake solution KYVE.__________ Is distribution of data a hurdle to Web3 scalability? Overlooked benefits of decentralized data storage in creating a censorship-resistant space Data validation has always been a key factor in analyzing and clarifying data. From financial transactions completed online to … Read more

Thymesia Guide – How To Beat Odur

Thymesia can be challenging and unforgiving, even for experienced players. This game will probably give you a hard time right from the beginning because you need to become familiar with the game mechanics, but most of all, because you will meet the first real boss, Odur. This enemy moves quickly, has fast attacks, can hit … Read more

How To Fix Incorrect Spam or Scam Label Reports

Not a day goes by that I am not asked about the SCOURGE of inaccurate call labeling that is plaguing America’s businesses. Since call labeling was tolerated by the FCC starting in 2018, it is virtually impossible to make lawful and truthful communication via the cellular phone network without being WRONGFULLY labeled as a scammer … Read more

TikTok’s in-app browser found to be recording your keystrokes

WTF?! Felix Krause, a software researcher and founder of Fastlane, recently made reports about popular social app TikTok. Krause claims that JavaScript code embedded into the in-app browser is currently being used to track keystrokes, screen taps, copied text, etc. Krause deems this to be a major security concern. TikTok claims that this code is … Read more

Ranqx Attempts To Fix North America’s $1Trillion SMB Credit and Lending Gap

Ranqx officially launches its operations in North America in an attempt to correct the region’s small-to-medium sized business (SMB) lending system.  As indicated by research from Deloitte, ‘not one traditional US bank has the online capabilities to provide a straight-through small business loan application for either unsecured or secured loans with an instant decision or … Read more

Fairplay App review 2022

The Fairplay app is a great way to bet and play casino games anytime, anywhere. The app encompasses all the functionality of the official site, fits all screen sizes and operates at high speeds even on slow internet connections. Read more about the Fairplay mobile app in our short review. What Do You Need to … Read more

Yellen Gives IRS Six-Month Marching Orders on Tech Fix Plan – MeriTalk

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen sent an August 17 memorandum to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner Charles Rettig setting a six-month deadline to produce a plan for the tax agency to overhaul its technology and staffing capabilities. That directive from Yellen to IRS – a component agency of the Treasury Department – follows congressional approval last … Read more