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How Google’s Helpful Content Update Relates to Law Firms

According to Google Search, they’re about to launch the “Helpful Content Update.” That update starts rolling out next week after August 22nd and is likely to continue over two weeks. This is intended to make sure people surfing websites online are seeing more helpful, original content, written for people by people. The main idea here … Read more

Scientists take a deep dive into how sharks use the ocean

Newswise — Using sophisticated electronic tags, scientists have assembled a large biologging dataset to garner comparative insights on how sharks, rays, and skates – also known as “elasmobranchs” – use the ocean depths. While some species spend their entire lives in shallow waters close to our shores on the continental shelf, others plunge hundreds of … Read more

How to turn off your iPhone

The iPhone is a vastly popular smartphone, known world-wide for its sleek design, strong cameras and fantastic longevity thanks to Apple’s commitment to pushing major software updates to its handsets for several years after they launch. Apple’s smartphone does a lot of things very well, but it’s not immune to a few foibles – one … Read more

Lindsay Tighe: How To Break Habitual Thinking With Better Questions

Beechworth, VIC based Lindsay Tighe of Empowered Conversations has published a new article, titled “A Simple Question Can Change Your Life!” The article, which can be found on, aims to help readers examine their thought processes and learn how they can break out of unsatisfactory routines. “Let’s start by sharing some interesting research that … Read more

How Rochelle Walensky plans to ‘reset’ CDC

After acknowledging that CDC‘s Covid-19 response “did not reliably meet expectations,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on Wednesday called for an “ambitious” overhaul of the agency. CDC faces criticism over public health emergency response While CDC has faced criticism on its response to public health issues for years, public upset with the agency increased significantly during … Read more

How to find the best laptops for college, high school students

It’s not just the students facing math problems this back-to-school season: parents are also crunching numbers amid higher costs due to rising inflation. In fact, more than half of American families say they are forced to cut back on back-to-school shopping this year, according to a new national survey from JLL, a real estate and … Read more

How to Become a Renewable Energy Engineer?

The world has seen a renewables revolution in the last decade as more of the global population has grown concerned about the consequences of carbon emissions on climate change. In many countries, the impacts of extreme weather events have shaken entire communities and depleted essential resources.   The energy sector accounts for 35% of the … Read more

Altercation: How Peter Baker’s Feelings Become ‘News’

Biden “can ‘hardly break through’ nonstop attention to Trump. According to an article directing its attention toward Trump.” The above quote is from a post on James Fallows’s Substack blog. I recommend reading it despite the fact that it also includes the following sentence: “There is no point in naming the writer.” I beg to … Read more