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Both were part of viral videos, but one gets welcome, other is mocked

Disclaimer: The conversation below is fictional, thankfully, and is meant for light-hearted entertainment. It may or may not be directly or indirectly connected to some of the recent viral videos of certain politicians from a certain state of the great nation that India is. Do read it in right spirit.

Location: A terrace of a house, somewhere in Gujarat

Scene: Of all the clothes hanging on the clothesline, a Pink Chaddi and a Yellow Chaddi are having a heart-to-heart conversation

Pink Chaddi: Hey, why are you so upset?

Yellow Chaddi: Leave it, I am not in a good mood.

Pink Chaddi: Why? What happened that you are in a bad mood this early in the morning? Every morning we are washed in soap and detergent and hung out here and we have such a great time. And you are upset?

Yellow Chaddi: I got ‘washed up’ yesterday in a viral video, you didn’t see? That too more than once. It has been embarrassing.

Pink Chaddi: Oho, no big deal. A video of mine as well has gone viral in the past, heh heh heh. *winks*

Yellow Chaddi: That’s different. At least in your video you were having a good time.

Pink Chaddi: Stop being a liar. Even you were about to have ‘fun’. Heh heh heh.

Yellow Chaddi: Yeah, yeah, now don’t rub salt on my wounds.

Pink Chaddi: You know, there were many other people with me in the video that had gone viral. But only I was dragged and got a bad name. Such bad luck.

Yellow Chaddi: Yeah, so? Look at how many people were there in my viral videos. But man, only the violent ones *winces with pain* went viral. I got beaten up and they got sympathy. And to add insult to injury, I even got ridiculed on social media.

Pink Chaddi: I am the colour of love, so I only spread love. *Blushes*

Yellow Chaddi: Yeah, right. Even I was trying to spread love. I wonder how the villains got a whiff of what I was up to and came and beat me up.

Pink Chaddi: Dear, learn from me. Spread love at one place only till you get love in return. Then move on to greener pastures.

Yellow Chaddi: I was going to do the same, you idiot. But the one who did not reciprocate my love got mad at me for spreading love elsewhere. And came and beat me up instead.

Pink Chaddi: For that you need experience. And patience to wait for the right time.

Yellow Chaddi: Oho, now you will teach me. I have more than three times your experience, so you please shut up.

Pink Chaddi: But even then you got ‘washed up’ like never before. Heh heh heh.

Yellow Chaddi: Now don’t be arrogant, okay. It is not good.

Pink Chaddi: Why should I not be? My not-so-pleasant clips may have gone viral but look at me now. I am welcomed like a hero. I can go anywhere I want with my head held high and I will be welcomed.

Yellow Chaddi: Yeah, yeah. Even I had a good run at one point. I was also President of the Akhil Gujarat Yellow Chaddi Association. In fact, my great father was a tall leader of this association and played significant role in development of Gujarat Chaddis. And I had even reached the national level politics at one point in time, all the way to Delhi.

Pink Chaddi: So what? Even I set so many villages on fire just because I felt like. Some even set themselves on fire for me. And look at me now. How far I have come. By the way, why don’t you try joining other associations the way I did.

Yellow Chaddi: Now that the video has gone viral, I am quite sure my own association will kick me out. You are still a new player. You have a long life ahead of you – you will get ‘adjusted’ anywhere. But me…

Pink Chaddi: Heh heh you want all ‘fun’ in this old age, eh? Heh heh heh

Yellow Chaddi: Shut up now…

Note: Originally published in Gujarati. You can read it here.

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