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An update on Michigan Basketball and its game overseas

In case you forgot, Michigan basketball is currently overseas in Europe, sightseeing, and playing a few games against international competition.

A few days ago, the final member of the 2022 recruiting class, Youssef Khayat, finally got to meet his fellow teammates, as Juwan Howard and the boys made him feel welcome.

In terms of the on-court product, we have an update as to who Michigan played in their first game and the player’s stats.

In their first game (of three) Michigan basketball faced FOS Provence Basket, but lost, 86-68. There is no video, or anything online to go off of, as Michigan doesn’t want anything to leak, but we have to take these scores with a grain of salt.

This was Michigan’s first organized game against an actual opponent, and that opponent happened to have a team of professionals on it.

Michigan is currently playing on the other side of the world in foreign territory, and is playing an opponent that plays by different rules than Michigan does (as European basketball rules are different than NBA and college rules).

We shouldn’t expect Michigan to win any of three these games if we’re being honest.

Yes, Michigan’s players have had time to practice and develop chemistry with each other, but again, they are playing a foreign opponent, that’s a team of professionals, and are playing in foreign territory.

The most important thing to take away from these games is growth and development. As long as Michigan’s players grow and learn from these experiences, that’s all you can ask for. The games don’t count as it’s just a bonafide scrimmage anyways.

With all of that being said, here are some confirmed box score stats from Michigan’s players from 

Hunter Dickinson and Jaelin Llewellyn both scored 15 points. Jaelin was 3-7 from three point range. Along with 15 points, Dickinson also collected 10 rebounds.

Isaiah Barnes scored 8 points, and was 2-for-2 from three. Jett Howard scored 11 points, and was 4-for-10 from the field.

Dug McDaniel had six points but also had five turnovers. Gregg Glenn had three points (a three) and collected three rebounds.

Kobe Bufkin and Will Tschetter unfortunately did not score any points. Bufkin did have four assists and a steal. Tschetter had one rebound. Khayat won’t play on this trip.

As I mentioned, Michigan’s opponent, FOS Provence Basket, is a team full of professionals.

Former TCU Horned Frog Garlon Green scored 11 points, and so did French player Dylan Affo Mama.

Former Clemson Star Gabe Devoe led all scores with 20 points.

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