All the undocumented changes found in Tesla update 2022.28.2 - Fix Bdsthanhhoavn

All the undocumented changes found in Tesla update 2022.28.2

By Nuno Cristovao

With every major Tesla update there are often smaller changes or features that aren’t mentioned in the release notes.

The main attractions of Tesla update 2022.28 are the ability to minimize a full-screen video and Alternate Routes, however, several undocumented features also made it into 2022.28.

Dark Mode Colors

Tesla has made some changes to dark mode

The dark mode color scheme has been adjusted so that various screens now use lighter gray tones. For example, prior to this update the car visualization area and apps like the media player both used the same dark gray color for the background.

However, with this update, Tesla has changed the background color of apps from a dark gray to a much lighter gray so that they stand out from the vehicle visualizations.

Vehicle Alerts

Some vehicle alerts now link to the car manual for more information

Some vehicle alerts will now contain an arrow that could be tapped for additional information.

Tapping the arrow will open the vehicle’s manual to the appropriate section and display additional details regarding the alert.

Changes to the Theater Status Bar

Most options in the Tesla Theater status bar have been removed

With this update Tesla introduces the ability to minimize Tesla Theater, allowing you to access vehicle menus and settings without leaving your streaming video.

Previously while streaming video in full screen, there was a quick access bar at the top of the video that could be revealed by tapping near the top of the screen. This status bar lets you access some vehicle controls without leaving the video. Video controls such as cabin temperature, screen brightness and volume could easily be changed.

Since you can now minimize a full-screen video without leaving the video app, Tesla has mostly removed the options that once appeared at the top of a video.

When tapping near the top of the screen, the number of options has been reduced to minimize theater, a back button and the state of charge of your battery.

A gray line has also been added to the top of the screen to let you know that you can now swipe down on the full-screen video to access other car functions.

Phone Icon

The phone icon is now always visible when a call is active

When you’re on a call in the vehicle, the green phone icon will now always remain visible in the status bar, regardless if the phone card is hidden or not. The icon in the status bar has also changed shape slightly, going from a pill shape to a square.

LFP Battery Calibration

LFP battery equipped vehicles will now show when the vehicle is calibrating its battery

Vehicles equipped with an LFP battery will now display ‘Calibrating’ on the vehicle’s screen when the vehicle is nearing a full charge.

New Radio Icon

The radio icon has also been updated to be more ambiguous with this update. The traditional analog radio markers have been flipped so that they now run vertically instead of horizontally.

The letters ‘FM’ have also been replaced with a generic circular icon so that it’s more inclusive of other supported bands such as DAB, which is supported in many parts of the world.

HomeLink Buttons

The HomeLink button text has once again been changed. Tesla used to display the name of the garage door or gate inside of the button, with the words ‘Activate’ or ‘Cancel’ underneath the button. The problem with this approach was that the text underneath the button is far too small, and it wasn’t obvious how to cancel a door from auto-opening.

However, recently Tesla swapped the location of the name and the action text so that ‘Activate’ would appear inside of the button and the garage door name underneath the button.

The HomeLink buttons have been changed once again. This time for the better.

This could lead to some confusion for those with multiple garage doors, as you would be presented with multiple buttons that would be labeled ‘Activate,’ with the only differentiating feature being the small text underneath the button.

With update 2022.28 Tesla has taken a hybrid approach. When pulling up to your garage door, the buttons will once again be labeled with the name you’ve given your garage doors (top photo).

However, if you have auto-open or auto-close enabled, then you will see the ‘Cancel’ text inside of the button for the specific door that will be opened or closed. The rest of the buttons will still show their given labels (bottom photo).

Of the several iterations Tesla has gone through, this approach appears to make the most sense. It’s now more obvious how to cancel a garage door or gate from auto-opening and you’ll still see the name of the garage doors in the predominate text most of the time.

Have you noticed any other changes in 2022.28? Let us know.

By Kevin Armstrong

The growth needed to transition to electric vehicles

Elon Musk’s new master plan isn’t ready yet. Tesla’s CEO was asked about the company’s five-year plan and his updated master plan at the stakeholder’s meeting in August. While he didn’t get into specifics, Tesla’s head of investor relations reportedly did spill the beans at a Goldman Sachs invite-only tech conference. Martin Viecha gave one of the world’s largest investment banks plenty of details on how the company will look and what will be accomplished by 2027-28.

Business Insider quoted the Tesla employee stating, “EV architecture is so different from internal combustion engine, it allows for a third revolution in automotive manufacturing.”

Undoubtedly, Tesla has led the way in the electric vehicle space. However, that space is getting more competitive, with longer-established auto manufacturers ramping up electric vehicle production.

The audience of investors wanted to hear how Tesla would compete. Viecha repeated numbers from Tesla’s second quarter earnings call. The cost of building the product has dropped by more than half in the last seven years.

He said in 2017, it cost $84,000 to make one of their vehicles, but it is now down to $36,000. Incredibly, those cost savings were not from batteries or supplies but from better vehicle designs and optimizing factories. Viecha said the cost per car manufactured is the most critical metric to monitor. It dictates how many vehicles can be built and just how big Tesla can become. He clarified that the company will continue to find ways to lower production costs.

With the falling cost of production, the interest in a less expensive Tesla continues to rise. While the term, Model 2 (Details on Model 2), was not reported, it’s no secret that this has been on the company’s radar for some time. Viecha says the company wants to be a high-volume automaker. Therefore, a more affordable option is necessary to broaden the portfolio.

However, the demand for the Model 3 and the Model Y is still so high that a new Model is not needed any time soon. That’s an essential point because the head of investor relations said that a cheaper Tesla would be used in the Robotaxi (everything we know about the Robotaxi) production.

Of course, the investors needed some reassurance about Full Self-Driving. Musk has publicly stated that FSD can make the company worth a lot. Viecha said that supervised FSD is underway. He said more than 100,000 people are using FSD in the United States. However, he reiterated the point that the only way the system can improve is by collecting data.

Also, interesting to note that Viecha assigned generation numbers to Tesla products. The first generation is the Model S and Model X. While the second generation is the Model 3 and Model Y. He referred to Robotaxi and presumable the Model 2 as the third generation. However, with the Tesla Semi ready to roll and the Cybertruck coming next year, perhaps he wants to revise the generation breakdown for the next investor meeting.

By Nuno Cristovao

Tesla releases beta internally

Es expected Tesla has now released an updated FSD Beta which focuses on fixing bugs found with the previous release, version 10.69.2.

The updated release is version and appears to only include bug fixes according to the release notes. It’s currently going out to employees, and if everything goes well during testing then we can expect a public release in the next day or two.

All current beta testers now have access to the latest production build of 10.69.2, but it’s expected that they’ll be updated to this latest revision in the next couple of days.

However, the more exciting aspect of this release is that Elon Musk said Tesla will expand the number of beta testers once beta is released.

It’s not clear exactly when the expansion of testers will occur, but we can expect this release to first go to current testers once it clears employee testing, and then we may see some additional testers introduced. Tesla will likely gradually introduce new testers, starting with higher Safety Scores first, but the plan is for Tesla to send out the beta to all owners who have a Safety Score of 80 or above.

Elon Musk also talked about the next FSD Beta release, version 10.69.3, which would come a few days after Tesla AI Day Part II, so we expect the expansion of testers to be concluded by then. AI Day Part II is scheduled for September 30th, so the wait shouldn’t be long now.

Keep those scores up everyone!

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