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A possum and a woman walk into a bar … | Alaska News

“Hold my phone. I’m from Alaska,” Sara Fulton declared as she plucked a wayward possum from inside a New York bar where its sudden appearance panicked patrons.

Now a video of Fulton’s impromptu wild animal rescue at Temkins Bar in Brooklyn has gone viral. Fulton is fielding media requests in New York and across the country.

“I was the hero of the night, and that was that,” Fulton told a TV reporter.

Dorothy Fulton, Sara’s grandmother in Anchorage, told the News-Miner: “If she keeps it up she is going to be famous.”

As Sara Fulton tells the story, she was walking by the neighborhood bar last week when she saw the animal wander in. “All of a sudden, we see this critter run in so fast, and we said, ‘What just happened?’ Everyone is freaking out and trying to corner him,” Fulton said.

Fulton never encountered a possum in Anchorage, where she lived until she was 12. But she was used to seeing much larger wildlife.

Catching the animal and ushering it outside was second nature to her, Fulton said. And she credits her upbringing in the Last Frontier. “I said, ‘Hold my phone. I’m from Alaska. I’ve got this,” Fulton said.

Fulton now lives full time in Brooklyn, where she works and attends college. But she has never forgotten her Alaska childhood.

“Growing up in Alaska and being surrounded by wild animals, including a family of moose in my backyard, it was never an issue,” Fulton told the News-Miner Wednesday.

After spotting the possum run into the bar, she followed it in and went over to a booth where the animal crouched in a corner. There was mayhem all around. Some patrons had run outside while others shouted.

Fulton picked up the possum by the scruff of the neck as it bared sharp teeth. She calmly walked out and set the creature down on the sidewalk, where it ran off.

She brushed her hands off, like there was nothing to it.

“Wild animals are second nature. I am not afraid. I grabbed him like a little kitten. I thought that was the safest way to do it,” Fulton told a TV news reporter.

Bar patron Chris Egan posted a video of the entire event.

He told Greenpointers, a Brooklyn news site: “She did the right thing,” describing Fulton as the possum whisperer.

On social media, Greenpointers wrote: “Alaskan shows us how to live in our city.” 

Now Fulton said strangers recognize her on the street and call her “the possum lady.”

“It was instinctual,” Fulton said. “We used to go to a campsite where there were black bears all around us when I was a kid. So rescuing the possum, it was nothing.” 

“For me it’s just a wild animal,” Fulton told reporters. “I have to realize I am not in Alaska, and this is not what you see everyday.”

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